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Privacy & Security

Your privacy and account security is Listerhill Credit Union's highest priority. Below are just some of the steps we take to ensure your safety.

Annual Privacy Notice

Download our Annual Privacy Notice.

Website Privacy Policy 

Listerhill Credit Union recognizes and respects the privacy of our members and other visitors to our website. We work very hard to earn and maintain your trust. We are committed to protecting privacy on and within our website with the same safety and confidential standards we use in all transactions with the credit union. This statement describes our policy regarding the security of information received about you during visits to this site.


Our website contains links to third-party web sites, provided for convenience only. Listerhill Credit Union is not responsible nor endorses or supports the content of third-party links. Listerhill Credit Union is not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of such websites.


Online forms such as loan applications, check orders, etc., are provided to better serve the needs of our members. Personal information provided by a member via any of our online forms are used only by Listerhill Credit Union to process the member's request for service. Personal information transmitted through email communication is used only by our staff to respond to inquiries for service or information. We do not give, sell or transfer non-public personal information to third parties, unless permitted or required by law.

General Interaction

As you interact with us in a variety of ways online, including through a mobile device, we may receive information collected through Google Analytics, cookies, tags, and other technologies. This information may include such as your name, age, gender, interests, address, email address, or other contact information. We may also gather additional information, such as the type of device and browser you are using, the IP address of your device, information about your device’s operating system, and additional information associated with your device. We use this information to make your experience with Listerhill and certain other sites richer and more personalized based on the products, services, or other interaction you have with us. We may use this information to evaluate and improve the usefulness of our site or make offers to you via online ads, email, or other marketing efforts.


We respect our members' ability to exercise choice in receiving cookie-based advertising on third party sites by participating in programs utilizing the Advertising Options Icon (AdChoices). If you receive an ad delivered on a third party website in this way, you may opt out of receiving such ads by clicking the displayed icon and following the instructions or by visiting This opt-out works via cookies, so if you delete cookies, use a different device, or change web browsers, you will need to opt out again.

You may be able to set your browser to reject browser cookies. However, you may be limiting the functionality we can provide when you visit our site. The latest versions of internet browsers provide cookie management tools, such as the ability to delete or reject cookies. We recommend that you refer to information supplied by browser providers for more specific information, including how to use these tools.


We do not give, sell or transfer non-public personal information to third parties, unless permitted or required by law. Please see the Listerhill Privacy Notice, for more information on how we may share information with affiliates and third parties.

Children’s privacy

From our web pages, we do not knowingly collect personal information from individuals under the age of 13. For more information about the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), visit the FTC website:

Policy updates and effective date

Any updates to the policy become effective when we post the updates on the site. Your use of the site following the update to the policy means that you accept the updated policy.

For additional information on privacy policies, please contact any of our branch offices or call 256-383-9204 or 1-800-239-6033. You can also email us at


It’s All About We is not just a saying here at Listerhill. Protecting our members’ personal information is our top priority. We are always working to make sure your information is safe and that your family is protected from financial harm.

We want to share our security practices with you so that you feel more at ease no matter what challenges you may encounter. Below, we have listed the specific steps we take to protect your information and helpful tips you can use to increase your family’s financial security.

Here’s What We Do To Protect Your Accounts

Listerhill uses the following security controls to protect your information:

  1. We require a unique username and alphanumeric passcode to log in to our Online Banking Account.
  2. We have a secure browser connection throughout our site and require you to sign in to Online Banking each time you log on.
  3. We require an industry standard 128-bit encryption.
  4. There is an automatic Online Banking session time-out after prolonged inactivity.
Be Alert

Email fraud can be a major problem for unsuspecting Internet users. Claiming to be sent by one of your financial services providers, these emails ask members to reply with personal information, such as their credit card number, social security number or online username and passcode.

These deceptive emails fake the appearance of a popular website or company in an attempt to commit identity theft. This practice is occurring more and more frequently throughout the online world. Listerhill has a security team dedicated to protecting our members from this type of activity.

Listerhill will never ask for sensitive information in an e-mail (i.e. Social Security number, PIN, passcode, or account numbers) because that is not a secure line of communication. If you receive an e-mail that requests this type of personal information, you should be suspicious of it and contact us immediately to verify its authenticity.

Here’s What You Can Do

Protecting your information requires some diligence, patience, and time, but it certainly makes avoiding the cost and inconvenience of fraud worth it!

Unfortunately, it's not possible to prevent identity theft and credit fraud entirely. However, by managing your personal information carefully, and with a full understanding of its importance, you can substantially reduce the likelihood that it will happen to you and react quickly in the unlikely event that it does.

Identity thieves have high and low-tech ways of stealing your personal information. They can search through your trash or hack into your personal computer. Here are a few examples of items identity thieves look for:

  • Your wallet or purse — containing ID, credit cards, debit cards, statements, or receipts
  • Mail — credit card statements, checks, tax information, and pre-approved credit card offers
  • Personal information from your home or home computer
  • Files from offices where you are a customer, employee, patient or student
Here are some steps you can take to protect yourself:
  1. Be on guard for potential fraudulent emails. This includes not opening email messages or attachments from unknown senders and not clicking on any unknown links. Never provide sensitive information to anyone through email. Also, make sure to check the accuracy of the email addresses to confirm the senders are who they say they are.
  2. If you have responded to a fraudulent email or feel you are the victim of email fraud, act immediately by contacting Listerhill at 256-383-9204 or 800-239-6033 or email us at
  3. Change your passwords often. Don’t use the same password for multiple accounts or share your login information with anyone.
  4. Sign up for email and text alerts. This will help you monitor your accounts and activity closely.
  5. Regularly request free credit report(s), inspect the reports closely, and promptly dispute any unauthorized accounts. You can go to or call 1-877-322-8228 to get your reports for free once per year.
  6. Look at your account statements closely and promptly dispute any unauthorized charges.
  7. Consider enrolling in free credit reporting and monitoring services.
  8. Consider putting a credit lock or credit freeze on your existing credit files. However, please be aware that this will result in some verification delay when you are applying for new credit.
  9. Consider placing a fraud alert on your credit files if you believe that your personal data has been compromised at any time.
  10. Monitor potential credit activity in the names of any of your children.
  11. Properly dispose of important documents and sensitive financial information.


While we hope you find the information you need online, we want to remind you that Listerhill is more than a website. We’re your credit union, and we look forward to helping you. Call us at (256) 383-9204 or 1-800-239-6033 for friendly, local assistance. Better yet, stop by one of our branches for some personal service.