Canadian Mountains

The Majestic Canadian Rockies

Ft. The Calgary Stampede, The Rocky Mountaineer Rail, and Banff National Park.
Trip Details
Tour Highlights

The Calgary Stampede - Considered one of the greatest outdoor shows on earth, the Calgary Stampede is filled with championship rodeos, chuckwagon races, fireworks and more!

Banff National Park - A stunning National Park surrounded by flower gardens and local shops. The perfect place to stay for nature lovers. This will include our Lake Louise Gondola adventure.

Athabasca Glacier SnoCoach - This will be an adventure through the glaciers of Jasper National Park where you can see ice that is over 1,000 feet thick.

Rocky Mountaineer Rail - A chance to sit back and relax aboard the Rocky Mountaineer Train and see the Spiral Tunnels, Kicking Horse River, and the Kinbasket Lake.

Black Canyon & Cisco Crossing - Learn more about 19th century pioneers as we retrace their steps in the Black Canyon and Cisco Crossing and we will finish the evening in Kamloops.

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Additional Trip Info
Price, Accommodation, and Reservation Info


Nights 1 & 2: Holiday Inn Macleod Trail South - Calgary, AB

Nights 3 & 4: High Country Inn - Banff, AB

Night 5: Local Hotel - Kamloops, BC

Night 6: Pinnacle Vancouver Harbourfront - Vancouver, BC

Trip Price Per Person: $6,550 for a Single, $5,850 for a Double

Deposit Due Upon Reservation: $500 - Must be paid by May 13, 2019


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