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UNA Campus

UNA's Campus Branch — The Hill

The Hill is our full service, student-run branch located in the heart of the University of North Alabama in the new student center, The Commons. Located between Starbucks and  Chick-fil-A, this one of a kind branch features:

  • Financial Gurus (Trained Students)
  • Charging Bars
  • Lounge Area with Cable Television
  • Deposit-taking Smart ATM
  • Full Member Service Center


The One Card

Students at the University of North Alabama now have the opportunity to make their lives a little easier by combining their Mane Card and Listerhill account on one card – The One Card! The One Card is a Listerhill debit card and a UNA student ID! The combined card works the same way the Mane Card does, with the added bonus of access to a Listerhill checking account.

Using the card is easy! This card is unique in that is has two stripes — a red stripe for Listerhill debit transactions and a black stripe at the bottom for Mane Card functions.

How to Get a One Card

Already a member? That's great! We can connect the One Card to an existing checking account! Simply visit The Hill or the Mane Card Office in The Commons and ask for the One Card. 

Not a member yet? Not a problem, becoming a member is easy. Visit The Hill inside The Commons at UNA to sign up. The Hill Account features free checking and overdraft forgiveness. Just be sure to carry with you two forms of ID (yes, an existing Mane Card counts) and 5 bones to open the account. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the One Card cost?

There is no charge to get or use the One Card. 

Does the One Card work with any Listerhill checking account?

Yes! The One Card can be connected with any Listerhill checking account. If you are 15–29, consider The Hill Account; it's a free account with Oops Forgiveness, refunding up to 5 overdrafts per year.

Do I need a Listerhill account before I get the One Card?

Although you will need a Listerhill checking account to use the card, you do not need a Listerhill account to request the One Card at the Mane Card Office. You will have the opportunity to open a Listerhill account at The Hill as the card is printed. 

Is it safe to have the cards combined?

Using the One Card is a convenient way to combine the two cards you may already have in your wallet. There is no additional risk taken by the two cards being combined as opposed to being separate. In addition, Listerhill is committed to providing a safe and secure way to manage your money. The One Card is no exception and is given the same proactive protection as any of Listerhill's debit cards. 

Can I change my Mane Card to a One Card later?

Yes! There is no charge to switch your Mane Card to a One Card. 

How do I know if money is coming from my Mane Card or debit card?

The back of the One Card (as pictured above) have two magnetic stripes to help distiguish between the two purposes — a red stripe for Listerhill debit transactions and a black stripe at the bottom for Mane Card functions.


While we hope you find the information you need online, we want to remind you that Listerhill is more than a website. We’re your credit union, and we look forward to helping you. Call us at (256) 383-9204 or 1-800-239-6033 for friendly, local assistance. Better yet, stop by one of our branches for some personal service.

The Hill Account

More Account Details

  • OOPS Forgiveness icon

    OOPS Forgiveness

    Have overdraft fees refunded up to five times a year.

  • No Minimum Balance Checking icon

    No Minimum Balance Checking

    Minimum balances are for chumps.

  • Parent Transfer Line icon

    Parent Transfer Line

    Transfer from one Listerhill account to another with just a click of the button.

  • Premium Interest icon

    Premium Interest

    Get a killer interest rate for the first $1,000 you save.

  • Mobile App & Text Banking icon

    Mobile App & Text Banking

    Download our app for iPhone or Android or use Text Banking to manage your account on the go.

  • Budgeting Tools icon

    Budgeting Tools

    Spend and save wisely with the help of easy-to-use tools.

  • 5,000+ Shared Branches icon

    5,000+ Shared Branches

    Access your Listerhill account at thousands of credit unions all over the world. Yes, really.