Spring Break Gone Not-So-Wild: How to Spring Break without Breaking the Bank

Written by Alexandria Terrell for SET Magazine, March 2015. Spring Break is just around the corner and this year will be no different than the rest. People will pile into cramped vehicles with overstuffed luggage and a cooler of snacks to face the grueling hours of travel to get to their Spring Break destination with one thing in mind: money. Here is a rundown of how to save, how to…

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Work Hard for the Money: A penny saved is a dream earned

Written by Libby  O'Neal for SET Magazine, August 2014. All our lives we have been told to “dream big.” As I’ve gotten older I’ve realized that dreams take more than a full tank of gas and a lot of faith — they take money. To reach your dreams, saving money is a must. The first step is to figure out what you want to work toward — make that…

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Haggling 101: A few tips to make you the best haggler you can be

Written by Jordan Campbell for SET Magazine, September 2014. In most places, haggling is becoming a lost art. These days, haggling isn’t really acceptable anywhere other than at yard sales or the occasional thrift store — but why? According to Consumer Reports, haggling has a success rate of around 83%. Those aren’t bad odds at all, so maybe the lack of haggling stems…

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