Spring Break Gone Not-So-Wild: How to Spring Break without Breaking the Bank

Written by Alexandria Terrell for SET Magazine, March 2015. Spring Break is just around the corner and this year will be no different than the rest. People will pile into cramped vehicles with overstuffed luggage and a cooler of snacks to face the grueling hours of travel to get to their Spring Break destination with one thing in mind: money. Here is a rundown of how to save, how to…

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Online or In line?: Is your Christmas shopping best done online or in store?

Written by Samuel Satterfield for SET Magazine, Holiday 2014. When it comes to holiday shopping, there are two ways it can go down — online or in store. When deciding which provides the best deal, there are a couple of things to consider: money spent and time spent. I’ve thought about the most popular types of gifts and whether you’d get the best deal online or in…

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The New Hundred is on Fleek: The Evolution of the American Benjamin

Written by Kyle Enloe for SET Magazine, January 2015. It’s no secret that everyone loves money, but have you ever thought about what money looked like 150 years ago? What about our Founding Fathers’ currency back in Colonial America? Without a doubt, the American dollar has changed in a dramatic way since then. Let’s explore this evolution with one of my favorite…

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