Text Banking

Stay connected to your accounts with text messaging. By using simple text commands, we’ll provide you up-to-date account information.

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To get started with any of Listerhill's mobile service, simply give us a call at 1-866-239-6033.

Listerhill's Text Banking lets you simply and securely request information about your accounts or even transfer funds. Account access is now just a text away. To enroll, simply give us a call at 1-866-239-6033. Your carrier’s message and data rates may apply.

How it works:

  • Enroll by simply calling 1-866-239-6033.
  • Send an approved command to the Listerhill short code 46379 to request the information you need.
  • Receive a text message reply right away.
Commands Response
C Receive a list of all available commands
B Receive the account balance on all enabled accounts
H Receive transaction history on specific accounts
T Transfer funds between two accounts
After command, text the from# to# and amount. Ex. “3 1 50”
HE Help Content
S Disable Text Banking
R If your authentication (cookie) has been deleted, use this command to receive a new activation code to reactivate your phone.
L Receive the URL for Listerhill’s Mobile Web.
M If there are additional messages available from an initial command request, this command will display the next message.

Questions about Mobile?

For more information about Listerhill's Mobile Banking, visit our Mobile Banking FAQs.


While we hope you find the information you need online, we want to remind you that Listerhill is more than a website. We’re your credit union, and we look forward to helping you. Call us at (256) 383-9204 or 1-800-239-6033 for friendly, local assistance. Better yet, stop by one of our branches for some personal service.