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Gift Cards

We're here to help you with your existing Gift Card.

With a Listerhill Gift Card, you're giving the gift of choice. You can use a Gift Card to make purchases online, by phone, or in person at any of the merchants that accept debit cards. Have questions about your card? Give us a call at 1-866-902-6082.

Frequently Asked Questions

Gift Cards

  • What is the Visa Gift Card?

    Your Listerhill Credit Union Visa Gift Card is a prepaid Visa Debit Card with a specific dollar value. Your Visa Gift Card and its value are accepted at most places Visa Debit is accepted.

  • Do I need to Activate my Gift Card before I use it?

    Your Listerhill Credit Union Gift Card is not active when you receive it. To activate the card, call 1-866-902-6082 or visit

  • How can I check the balance on my Gift Card?

    Call the number on the back of your card for balances and transaction history or visit

  • What should I do if my Visa Gift Card is lost or stolen?

    Contact Listerhill Credit Union Visa Gift Card Center immediately at 1-866-902-6082. Additionally, read our Visa Gift Card Terms and Conditions for important Visa Gift Card information.

  • What happens when the funds are spent?

    When you have depleted all the funds on the card and no returns are necessary, simply destroy and discard the card.

  • What do I do if I need to return an item?

    In the event you need to return an item you purchased with your Visa Gift Card, the merchant will handle the item in accordance with Visa guidelines. The merchant may credit your card (put the funds back on the card) thereby increasing your available funds.

  • What if the item I want to purchase exceeds the value of my Gift Card?

    If the purchase amount exceeds the available card balance, then you must inform the merchant of the amount you want to pay with the Visa Gift Card and that you will pay the difference in cash, check, credit or debit card. If the purchase amount exceeds the available balance of the Visa Gift Card, the transaction will not be approved.

  • What should I do when the merchant’s sales terminal asks me to press “Debit” or “Credit”?

    You should always press the “Credit” button. Although the Visa Gift Card is not a credit card, the transaction is processed like one. You should always sign a sales receipt.

  • When I swipe my card, the terminal asks me input my PIN. What is my PIN?

    A Personal Identification Number (PIN) is available by calling 1-866-902-6082 or at

Gift Card Terms & Conditions

“Agreement” means these Visa Prepaid Gift Card Terms and Conditions. “We” “us” and “our” refer to Listerhill Credit Union. You” and “your” refer to the person who has obtained a Card from us. “Card” means the primary Visa Non Reloadable Prepaid Gift Card and any secondary Non Reloadable Cards obtained from us. Our “Business Days” are Monday through Friday; bank holidays are not included.

Agreements; Amendments

We agree to maintain the Card for you and to perform according to the Agreement. By obtaining a Card from us, activating the card, and by using the Card or by permitting anyone else to use the Card, you agree to the provisions of this Agreement, which is subject to amendment, and further agree that this Agreement is binding on your successors, representatives, and assigns. We may from time to time adopt new or amended provisions which will be effective after notice has been mailed to you at the last address or email address shown for the Card on our records or has been posted on our Website or as otherwise permitted by law. Provisions changed pursuant to regulatory authorities shall be effective per such regulation without further notice. You must be a resident of the U.S. to purchase this card.

Before Using the Card

Write down your Card number and the Customer Service Number on a separate piece of paper in case the card is ever lost or stolen. Please read the full Terms and Conditions of use a as they set out the Agreement between you and us. These Terms and Conditions may change as required by the law. You will be deemed to have accepted the Full Card terms of this agreement if you do any of the following: (a) use the Card or (b) activate the Card. Please sign the back of you Prepaid Gift Card immediately upon receipt. To obtain your PIN, call (866) 902-6082.

Using Your Card

The Visa Prepaid Gift Card is a Non Reloadable stored-value card. It is neither a credit card, nor a FDIC insured deposit account. This card is issued by Listerhill Credit Union; pursuant to a license from Visa U.S.A., Inc. Your Card may be used at merchants who accept Visa debit cards worldwide. You may be required, for validation purposes, to provide personal information. You may use your Card after signing the back. The Card is non-transferable. You are responsible for all authorized transactions made with this additional Card. You may only use the Card when there is a balance available on the Card and only up to the amount left on the Card and any transaction fee due. Any transaction made that exceeds the available balance will be declined.

Gift Card Account Fees and Charges

  • Card Load Fee: $3.00 if a member purchased and ordered from a local branch.
  • Inactivity Fee: A Monthly Inactivity Fee of $3.00 will be charged after twelve (12) consecutive months of inactivity. The fee will not be charged once the card is used again or the balance of the Card reaches $0.
  • Card Replacement Fee (L/S): A $10.00 fee is assessed on the account when a card that is marked as lost/stolen is replaced.
Additional Questions?

Listerhill has been consistently been rated in the top tier for overall satisfaction by our members. While we hope you find the information you need online, we'd be happy to talk with you about questions you may have. Call us at (256) 383-9204 or 1-800-239-6033 for friendly, local assistance. Or even stop by one of our branches for personal service.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are my credit card benefits?

    Not only does Listerhill Credit Union offer the most competitive rates available with no annual fee, but we also provide several tools to help you get the most out of your Visa Platinum Rewards card. Click here to see a full list.

  • What if I need to speak with someone about my rewards?

    Please call us at 800-239-6033 to speak with one of our representatives.

  • How do I open my credit card?

    To open your credit card, you can apply online or give us a call at 800-239-6033 to speak with one of our credit specialists.

  • How do I qualify for a Visa Platinum Rewards card?

    To qualify for a credit card, you will need to provide information related to your employment, along with permission for us to perform a credit check. If you have the income and financial background to support additional credit, you should qualify. If not, we will advise you as to why your application was denied. 

  • What interest rate will I get?

    Your interest rate will be determined after you submit your application. Many factors, including your credit history, help to assess your Visa Platinum Rewards card interest rate.