2019 Scholarship Contest

It Is Almost Scholarship Giveaway Time!

Thank you for voting! We are excited to announce the winners of the $50 Amazon gift cards at each school this week. Look below to see if you were one of our lucky gift card winners!

Remember, our Listerhill Committee still needs to select our scholarship recipients. The first place winner will receive a $5,000 Listerhill Scholarship and the two runners up will each receive a $2,500 Listerhill Scholarship. Check back here in April and keep an eye out for our exciting video announcement of the scholarship winners!

Amazon Gift Card Winners

You have voted and the winners of the $50 Amazon gift cards are...

  1. Gage Gilliland from Addison High School
  2. Lauren Mays from Brilliant High School
  3. Nissi Clingan from Brooks High School
  4. Jacob Fielder from Central High School
  5. Mason Price from Cherokee High School
  6. MJ Satchel from Colbert County High School
  7. Savannah Berryman from Colbert Heights High School
  8. Karlee Rochell from Collinwood High School
  9. Jake James from Covenant Christian High School
  10. Bess Smith from Deshler High School
  11. Erin Key from Florence High School
  12. Alyson Fannin from Haleyville High School
  13. Mariah Wilson from Hamilton High School
  14. Katherine Schaum from Christ the King Lutheran Home School Group
  15. Arieanna Shepherd from Lauderdale County High School
  16. Zeven Tays from Lexington High School
  17. Mackenzie Pearce from Marion County High School
  18. Emma Kate Heupel from Mars Hill High School
  19. Julia Counts from Muscle Shoals High School
  20. Kyleigh Winstead from Phil Campbell High School
  21. Savanna Peters from Rogers High School
  22. Megan Warhurst from Russellville High School
  23. Cheyenne Pate from Sheffield High School
  24. Jaden May from Wilson High School
Important Information

Congratulations! Your peers and family members have voted for their favorite videos and your video is the winner! We will be mailing your $50 Amazon gift cards to your school counselors over the next few weeks. Make sure to take a picture of yourself with your Amazon gift card and send it to us so that we can share it on social media. Thanks for making such wonderful scholarship videos!


Additional Contest Details

Each year, we host the Listerhill Scholarship Contest and invite students from all over North Alabama and southern Tennessee to answer the question "How will your education benefit your community?" Student video submissions are examined by the Listerhill Scholarship Committee and three winners are selected to receive scholarships totaling in $10,000. The first place winner will receive a $5,000 scholarship and the two runners up will each receive a $2,500 scholarship. These scholarships are applicable at any college of the student's choice!

All students are encouraged to be as creative as possible when recording their scholarship video. We love seeing the incorporation of props, educational assets, music, guests, and more in video submissions. Please see our Grading Rubric (below) to learn more about how the Listerhill Scholarship Committee judges the student videos.

Grading Criteria Description Percentage Value
Response To Question Quality and clarity of the answer to the question, "How will my education benefit my community?" 25%
Community Service All volunteer hours and community service included on electronic application. 20%
Financial Need Opportunity to support a student's education financially. 20%
Preparedness The planning and execution of a creative response to the question, "How will my education benefit my community?" 15%
GPA Grade Point Average listed on electronic application. 15%
Public Votes Votes received by peers and community members through listerhill.com. 5%

In order to be applicable to win a Listerhill Scholarship, students are also required to:

  1. Fill out the electronic application that was sent via email to all participants who recorded a video.
  2. Be a member of Listerhill Credit Union.

If you are not a member but wish to open an account, please learn more about our Hill Account or contact us at 256.383.9204.

If you are unable to record a scholarship video at the Listerhill Video Booth, please contact Tosha-Paige Whitten at 256.383.9204 ext.1269 or marketing@listerhill.com to learn more about the essay option for scholarship participants.

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