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2019 Scholarship Contest

Congratulations to our 2019 Listerhill Scholarship Winners

Congratulations to our three scholarship winners, Emily Duncan, Gracie Holden, and Savanna Peters! Your hard work and passion for excellence made your scholarship videos stand out. We hope you are able to use your Listerhill Scholarships to further your own education and to make our community an even better place. We cannot wait to see what the future holds in-store for you and thank you for participating in the Listerhill Scholarship Contest.

We also want to say thank you to the teachers and counselors at all of our participating schools. This scholarship contest would not be possible without you!

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Get to know our 2019 Listerhill Scholarship Winners
Savanna Peters - $5,000 Winner!

Savanna Peters is a student at Rogers High School and the winner of our $5,000 Scholarship in the 2019 Listerhill Scholarship Contest. Savanna's heartfelt video submission about her desire to educate and serve our local deaf community greatly impressed our Listerhill Scholarship Committee. She plans on studying Elementary Education and eventually teaching sign language to members of the deaf and hearing community. It is clear that her purpose and passion will make the Shoals an even better place to live. Congratulations Savanna!

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Emily Duncan - $2,500 Winner!

Emily Duncan is a student at Lexington High School and a winner of one of our $2,500 Scholarships in the 2019 Listerhill Scholarship Contest. Emily's video submission about her passion for local landscaping greatly impressed our Listerhill Scholarship Committee. She is currently planning on pursuing a dual degree at Mississippi State in Landscape Architecture and Landscape Contracting, with aspirations to open her own landscape and nursery in the Shoals; as her goal, is to bring traditional landscaping back to the Shoals.

Congratulations Emily! We cannot wait to see what you grow with your green thumb!

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Gracie Holden - $2,500 Winner!

Gracie Holden is a student at Rogers High School and a winner of one of our $2,500 Scholarships in the 2019 Listerhill Scholarship Contest. Gracie's insightful video submission about her goal of preserving natural resources in the Shoals greatly impressed our Listerhill Scholarship Committee. She is currently planning on pursuing a degree at Mississippi State in Agricultural Science with aspirations to have a career at the Natural Resources Conservation Service in Alabama. She will clearly have a big impact on our community thanks to her big heart and bright mind. Congratulations Gracie!

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Amazon Gift Card Winners

You have voted and the winners of the $50 Amazon gift cards are...

  1. Gage Gilliland from Addison High School
  2. Lauren Mays from Brilliant High School
  3. Nissi Clingan from Brooks High School
  4. Jacob Fielder from Central High School
  5. Mason Price from Cherokee High School
  6. MJ Satchel from Colbert County High School
  7. Savannah Berryman from Colbert Heights High School
  8. Karlee Rochell from Collinwood High School
  9. Jake James from Covenant Christian High School
  10. Bess Smith from Deshler High School
  11. Erin Key from Florence High School
  12. Alyson Fannin from Haleyville High School
  13. Mariah Wilson from Hamilton High School
  14. Katherine Schaum from Christ the King Lutheran Home School Group
  15. Arieanna Shepherd from Lauderdale County High School
  16. Zeven Tays from Lexington High School
  17. Mackenzie Pearce from Marion County High School
  18. Emma Kate Heupel from Mars Hill High School
  19. Julia Counts from Muscle Shoals High School
  20. Kyleigh Winstead from Phil Campbell High School
  21. Savanna Peters from Rogers High School
  22. Megan Warhurst from Russellville High School
  23. Cheyenne Pate from Sheffield High School
  24. Jaden May from Wilson High School

Congratulations! Your peers and family members have voted for their favorite videos and your video is the winner! Make sure to take a picture of yourself with your Amazon gift card and send it to us so that we can share it on social media. Thanks for making such wonderful scholarship videos!

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Get the Hill Account to Participate in the 2020 Listerhill Scholarship Contest

Missed this year's Scholarship Contest? Don't Panic! We will begin accepting video submissions for our 2020 Listerhill Scholarship Contest soon. You can prepare for the contest by getting the Hill Account before creating your video entry. Only Hill Account Members are eligible to win one of our two $2,500 scholarships or our $5,000 grand prize scholarship.

The Hill Account is our financial management tool specifically designed for members ages 15-29. It has everything you need to set your financial foundation with features such as Oops Overdraft Forgiveness, 5% interest on savings, and mobile banking with remote deposit. Don't forget about our convenient branch location at the University of North Alabama. The Hill Account is here to help you with all your financial needs!

2018 Listerhill Scholarship Contest

This year's 2018 Scholarship Contest was incredible! We visited 22 schools in northwest Alabama and south central Tennessee with our video booth and we asked students to record a 30-second video about how their education will benefit their community.

Back-To-School Shopping Hacks

You may be deep into your summer routine of lazy afternoons at the beach, family day trips and bedtimes postponed in favor of firefly-chasing, but back-to-school season is already in full swing.

Article August 7
All You Need To Know About Buying A Used Car

If you’re shopping for an amazing deal on wheels during the October car-shopping season, you want to be that buyer who walks home thrilled with their new car.

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    Auto loans, recreational loans, and personal loans are all eligible for Skip-A-Pay. This includes boat loans, RV loans, 4-wheeler loans etc. However, home loans, Christmas loans, credit cards, and other lines of credit are not eligible.

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    In order to have your Skip-A-Pay request processed before your loan payment is due, please submit your skip request five (5) business days in advance of the scheduled payment date.

    Example: If your next loan payment is due on June 20th, you would need to submit your request no later than June 12th.

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    Click here to request Skip-A-Pay, agree to do business electronically, and fill out the online form. You must also provide payment for the $25 fee before your loan payment can be skipped. This fee can be transferred from your Listerhill checking or savings account or paid from an outside account.

  • What is Skip-A-Pay?

    Skip-a-Pay is a service by Listerhill Credit Union which allows members to request to skip a monthly payment. The payment is instead added to the end of a loan, essentially extending the life of the loan by one month. This can be a valuable tool in your financial tool belt.

  • What loans are not eligible for Skip-A-Pay?
    1. Real Estate Loans (1st and 2nd Mortgage and Home Equity Lines)
    2. Business Loans
    3. Lines of Credit (Kwik Kash, Anytime Credit, Overdraft Protection, and Credit Cards)
    4. Christmas Loans
    5. Single Pay Term Loans
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    9. Workout Loans or Troubled Debt Restructuring (TDR)
    10. Accounts in Bankruptcy
    11. Charged-Off Loans
    12. Loans on Accounts with a Negative Checking or Savings Balance
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